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We did not foresee the Corona Virus, but we thought that there will be a lot of changes in real estate industry and also in world economic market in 2020. It should be useful for everyone to read, what we wrote 4–5 months ago. Text from the book PropTech 2020:

What will happen in 2020?

„A lot of Swiss PropTech companies will change their outlook. They became a new digital face.

More than 50 new PropTech Startups will in Property Management, Construction and Marketplace categories founded in Switzerland.

Smart Homes companies will grow and make automation more than 10.000 homes around the country. Especially home automation and home security areas.

Price correction will come and many banks will force their clients to pay more capital. It will be more than 5–10%. They are going to stop the small private investors to invest in real estate. 25% requested capital was first step. Next step will be the valuation with price correction to estimate the properties with lower worth.

Property management will be more important than before. Big real estate investors are going to look for solutions for vacancy rate. 100.000 empty flats are result of the development of the negative interest rate. There are some solutions for vacancy rate, but it needs brave owners to do. For example: Can you imagine rent without deposit or rent without record of debt collection or rent without origins?

Central banks will change their policies about the negative interest rate and try to save stability in sectors. Negative interest should be corrected with real interest, which suffer from the wrong management of unreal economy. The politics conflicts between the governments bring more negative impacts in sectors.

Presentation of the spaces get more attention. Virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D companies going to play an important role in marketplace category. Drones companies should offer services in construction sector and also for analyzing of buildings.

A few companies are going to try cryptocurrency as rent payment model. Properties can also be translated into tokens that can be bought and sold through online platforms, allowing some developers and owners to attract new investors from a wider variety of locations.

Crowdfunding platforms will have some difficulties because of the price correction after 3rd quarter. Generally, there are stability or negative impacts, what they live in this year.

Automated Valuation Models will be more popular and a lot of agencies are going to integrate that tool to their platforms. Two biggest Player will get more market share.

While some FinTech and proptech start-ups are centered around new ideas, others focus on making an existing system better.

Tech providers are attempting to simplify the process through the creation of a mobile-accessible platform that stores documents and allows all stakeholders to work together and where the deal is currently and what will happen next.

Artificial intelligence is set to change every aspect of commercial real estate, including how buildings are leased and designed. More than ever, buildings are connected technology hubs, constantly reviewing data on internet and power usage as well as customer and worker experience. Artificial intelligence can take this data and turn it into actionable insights. This can lead to better utilization of space, conservation of resources, and significant savings for property owners.

The PropTech sector is driving a wave of rapid change across the real estate industry and the real estate technology space. Consolidation is occurring and affects technology startups and brokers alike. Big old real estate companies are rebranding themselves as technology firms whereas technology startups are fundamentally changing the way that we buy, sell and rent housing. It’s an exciting time in this sector, and we encourage everyone here to get in the game.“

Author, Deniz Karahan, Member of Research Team at PropTech Switzerland, 2020

PropTech Switzerland Association is the Swiss National PropTech Regulatory Authority.