PropTech Switzerland Innovation Index 2020

We are pleased to present the first semi-annual Innovation Index. The currently extraordinary situation and his impact on the real estate industry are in this index analyzed. Actually the index should be released on March 30th, 2020. But we had other tasks due to the lockdown and had to react to the current situation and support PropTech companies.

The effects of Covid-19 on the Swiss real estate industry are enormous.

The main risk here is the lack of financial resources of the tenants rsp. in that they cannot fulfill the contracts in the short and medium term. It was the important discussion just after begin the lockdown on March 15th 2020.

More than 100,000 SMEs received loans with State-guaranty under the Covid-19 program. The Swiss confederation remembered the Startups very late and not all the canton wanted to join credit-program to support the Startups.

During the lockdown we followed more than 50 PropTech companies, how they react against the new work style and how they reorganize their companies to continue to the currently projects. We should have to say, the most of PropTech companies and the new Startups did not stop to working. They were active and operative. They have continued to offer their services with the new instruments, such a chatbots, webinar, video-call, streaming, social media etc.

Home-Office was the new workplace. Nobody expected to work at home. When the government started the lockdown on March 15th 2020, there was no another choice to reorganize the workplace. Maybe there is no another sector, such a PropTech, who quickly started to work at home and continue to the currently projects. We are very proud of the PropTech companies.

Also we did not sleep in that time. PropTech Switzerland was the first organisation, who started the campaign “We are strong together” on social media. Our campaign was a role model for the others. Many have followed our slogan and organized their own events.

Before Christmas we started two new projects; PropTech Podcast and Video-Streaming. Nobody had had interest for them at that time. But during the lockdown every company, organizations used them more than ever.

On March 3rd 2020 we started to write “PropTech 2020 Homepage Analysis” and published on April 7th 2020. 101 PropTech companies homepages with more than 40 parameters analyzed and Top 10 best PropTech homepages were announced. It was the first and detailed study ever in switzerland (624 pages, 9 categories and 101 companies).

For this 1st edition, we thank all contributors and companies, who joined and support the innovation index.

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The Index has been written in April-May 2020 and was published on June 10th 2020.

Author, Deniz Karahan, Co-Founder of PropTech Switzerland and Tech Switzerland. For more info about Author;

PropTech Switzerland Association is the Swiss National PropTech Regulatory Authority.